Tribes Vengeance

Tribes Vengeance is an FPS-Z originally released in 2004 but quickly abandoned by its original creators. Since then it has been maintained, patched and groomed by the community.

Welcome to TribesRevengeance! On this website, you will find all possible Tribes Vengeance related files. Here, you can also find all possible tutorials, guides and walktroughs one could ever need.

2013 Exodus

Around 2013 GameSpy company that hosted TV’s master server went defuct. Tribes Vengeance now has a new master server. As of such, it is no longer required to have a valid CD-Key or to add server favorites.

To get started playing Tribes Vengeance, please follow this guide

New to Tribes Vengeance?

Interested to see what (a part of) the game is like? The level being played? Then be sure to check the following video out!

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Open Source

This site is fully open source and hosted on Github. If you would like to contribute or have a resource that you would like to keep for future generations of Tribes players - feel free to open a pull request.

As such, it should be virtually impossible for it’s content to get lost (like it happend to many of it’s predecessors) because when it’s current maintainer goes dark - anyone can pickup the torch again!