On this page you will find all the files that can not be listed in any of the other cathegories, for Tribes Vengeance. Click on the name of the given file to start downloading. Be sure to read the given description and/or the accompanied readme file. If you are in need of (more) assistance, please Contact Us.

At this stage, this page will only contain the most important and the most used files. Later, this page will become way more extended then it is now. Checking back regularly is advised.

Tribes Vengeance Beta Devkit

Tribes Vengeance Beta Dev Kit.

For this to work, it requires you to have the full game installed and the v1.01 patch installed.

Be sure to read the included readme, to get knowledge of known issues, user agreement and more detailed installation instructions.

Tribes Vengeance Beta Tools

Tribes Vengeance Beta Tools.

Includes Mojo and UnrealEd. Basic guide for creating maps, is included.

The full game version, as well as the provided Revengeance downloads on this website, already have Mojo.exe and TVed (renamed UnrealEd) included. By installing this, you might create future problems and be forced to reinstall the game!

Tribes Vengeance Cache Manager

The Tribes Vengeance Cache Manager is a handy, little tool, that helps you turning your cache files into permanent files, in just a few clicks! Tribes Vengeance cache files are temporary files, downloaded when trying to join a server to play on. Whenever you do not own a file that is currently being used on the server you try to join, your game will download the file. This usually includes maps or mods.

An extensive guide for using the Tribes Vengeance Cache Manager, can be found here.

Tribes Vengeance CD keys

This file contains 20000 Tribes Vengeance CD keys. In order to get the game to run perfectly, you still need to enter a CD key. You must enter this key into the Tribes Vengeance Key Changer.

A guide on how to get the game going, from start to finish, can be found here.

If you have used a key, please let us know on our forum or by contacting us through email or other means.

Tribes Vengeance Key Changer

Tribes Vengeance Key Changer. This tool will change set your game CD key to any key you enter. Valid CD keys can be found in the download below. In order for this tool to work correctly you must place it in your VUGames\Tribes Vengeance\Program\Bin folder and run it as administrator. A more extensive guide on how to get Tribes Vengeance started, can be found here.

Tribes Vengeance No CD fix

If you have installed the game by CD or DVD, you will need to insert the CD or DVD in order to play the game. This will make it so, that you no longer require to insert a valid CD or DVD, in order to boot Tribes Vengeance. Be sure to read the accompanied instructions. Further instructions coming soon!

Tribes Vengeance Patch 1.01 EN

Updates your default Tribes Vengeance installation. A must have, if you want to play online. English version.

Tribes Vengeance Patch 1.01 GER

Updates your default Tribes Vengeance installation. A must have, if you want to play online. German version.

Tribes Vengeance Pure Multiplayer

This will delete the Single Player Files of your Tribes Vengeance installation, making you Tribes Vengeance Multiplayer only. By doing this, you free up a lot of HDD space. It will also adjust the ingame menu accordingly.

Tribes Vengeance QuickChat Maker

Creating your own customized Quickchat is now easier then ever, with this tool. By Fireant.

In order for this tool to work correctly you need to have the .net framework 4 and the c++ redistributable installed.

Server Query

Server management tool.

This tool allowes you to monitor any server, of which the IP and port is entered of. Simply boot the application and enter the server details.

Installation instructions: Run the file on your desktop and enter the server IP and port.

Tribes Vengeance Server Browser

Server browser by B7ADE. This program displays all active servers, plus amount of players, current map, admin email, IP, ping, amount of player slots, etc.

It also allows you to select a server and join it by pressing the join button. It basically functions as a game shortcut and allows you to enable console or windowed mode. Although it is necessairy you first set your Game Installation Location.


Server management tool.

This mod will automatically restart the server when it is down, you can set how long it needs to wait before doing that and a few more things.

Installation instructions: Place the .exe and .ini file in the same folder. Fill the .ini file in correctly and start the application.