Getting Started

Getting Started Guide page. Here you find out how to install T:V and get going!

Getting Tribes (Re)Vengeance up and running is now easier than ever before! Simply download the game and start playing!

Please browse to the Tribes Revengeance download page.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the game.

Do you prefer using your old out-of-the-box copy of Tribes Vengeance? No problem! Simply follow the steps below to get rocking!

  1. Install the game as you normally would, including entering the valid CD-Key you have
  2. Download the correct patch for your game. There is an English version and a German Version. You can find the patches on This page
  3. Download the updated Engine.dll and replace it in your Program/Bin folder. You can find the updated Engine.dll on This page
  4. Install the correct community made map packs, so that you can join any server! You will need the BEML Map Packs 4 to 8, the VM map pack and the Miscellaneous Map Pack. You can find all these maps HERE
  5. Start up the game and create a new player profile in the multiplayer tab. Go to the Servers tab and should no servers show, wait at least one minute and try refreshing

NOTE: As you will know, the game does not have the console activated or any tweak applied, as it is an out-of-the-box version. For help on increasing game performance or playing experience, visit our TutorialS.