Cache Manager

Cache Manager Turorial page. Here you learn how to use the Cache Manager.

On this page you will find out how to use the Cache Manager, an awesome little tool which handles your cache files!

First of all, lets go through what cache files are. Cache files are temporary files (they are removed after approximately 30 days), which are downloaded whenever you join a server, which uses files you do not have.

Files coming to mind are server logo’s, server mutators, etc. So whenever you join such a server, the game will download these files and store them into your .../VUGames/Tribes Vengeance/Program/Cache folder.

Whenever you see the ingame download screen, you know you have cache files in there. When checking out the cache folder, you will see a lot of strange names and a cache.ini file.

The cache.ini file basically tells the game what what file is, which makes the game can use it and you can join the given server or servers.

In order to keep the cache files, you must rename them and give them the correct file extension. By checking the cache.ini file, you can know what names need to be given and which file extensions need to be used.

This, however, can be quite a difficult task as there may be a lot of files in there! Also the possibility of making a typing mistake or placing the files in the wrong directory, are bound to happen. That’s why there is the Cache Manager! By simply pressing a few buttons and giving in your Tribes Vengeance main folder, this tool does all of that! This way you eliminate the chances of making mistakes!

To correctly use the cache manager, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Cache Manager
  2. If you have installed Tribes (Re)Vengeance to a non default location, you may receive an error saying Tribes Vengeance can not be detected

To solve this, go to Options, then to Profiles and then click on Add…

  1. Enter a Profile Name and press Quick Setup
  2. Navigate to your Tribes Vengeance installation map, select the folder and press OK
  3. All the fields should be filled in automatically
  4. Go to Cache,then to Profile and select the profile you just made

  5. Now you should see a window with several files in there. These files are the cache files you downloaded through the ingame.

    If this windows appears empty, it means you currently have no cache files for this specific Tribes Vengeance installation!

  6. Go to View, press Select All and then click on Edit and then on Move

    You have now succesfully turned your temporary cache files into permanent files.

You may want to run this file every few weeks to be sure you keep all the files you download!