Field of View Tutorial

Field of View (FOV) Turorial page. Here you learn how change your FOV.

On this page you will find out how to change your Field Of View, or FOV.

Before we start explaining how to adjust your FOV, it is important to know what FOV is and what changing it does.

The Field of View basically controls how much you can see. At lower values, you can only see what is happening in front of you. At higher values, you can also, partly, see what is happening besides you.

The lower the FOV, the bigger the weapon model and the bigger the playermodel. As a result, if you increase you FOV, your playermodel becomes thinner and the weapon looks longer.

There is no “ideal” setting, so you will have to play around with it, until you find a value that suits your wishes.

The minimal value is 75 and the maximum value is 170.

To change your fov, follow the these steps:

  1. Activate the console
  2. Start your game
  3. Join a server
  4. Press tab, or any other key you have assigned, to activate the console
  5. Type the following: fov [VALUE]

For example fov 123 gives you a Field of View of 123.