Resolutions Tutorial

Resolutions Turorial page. Here you learn how to add, change or delete resolutions.

On this page you will find out how to add, change or delete resolutions.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to to your ...\VUGames\Tribes Vengeance\Program\Bin folder and find TribesGuiState.ini and open it with notepad or any other text-editing program.

  2. Inside that file you will find several lines saying ScreenResolutionChoices. What you have to do, basically, is add the resolution which suits your preference. For example add: ScreenResolutionChoices=1920x1080.

By doing this you create an extra resolution choice from which you can choose.

You can also delete such a line or change the value of it.

You can now go ingame and select the resolution to your liking.

It frequently happens that the game will CRASH when trying to change resolutions this way. This can be resolved by running the game as administrator AND closing any in-game chatting software like xfire.